OBSOLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ChrisJones Gaming ST XI Addon 1.0 Patch 1 This is the Patch for the Stock Compatible Release! This is a patch to correct issues found in the XI Addon 1.0 after release. It also comes in 2 versions, one for the Ultimate Universe 2.0 XI Addon and one for the Stock Legacy XI Addon, be sure to grab the proper patch or risk problems! Be sure you have the "Star Trek XI Addon 1 For Ultimate Universe 2.0" before installing this. It won't work on it's own! Fixes: Patch 1 10/20/2010 1. XI Miranda Warp Drive now operates 2. XI Miranda fixed textures on the "enlarged hull area" at the back of the ship, the top, bottom, aft and part of the front view. This was due to a glitch during the porting process. It certainly makes the ship look better and more detailed.

Star Trek XI Addon Patch 1 For Stock Legacy
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