welcome to my first mod (that may be the start of something big) Lets go frow what the mods aim is: one- to make hw2 more fun two- to have much bigger battles three- to add ships from campian to the build list these new ships are tanis base, vgr command station and the kpr Drone how i have made the bigger battles by making rus collectors almost free and faster but have less armour(by doing this means that you can build rus bases alot faster) and making lots of ships into squads(which you can guess from the name) i also added new ui colours but you can find out what they are ;) and also this is not for campain if you try it the second mission is almost impossible but if you cheat you can do it ;) and sozz but i will not put into big file till i can get the big file maker to work so injoy and if you have a prob pls post and i will get onto it as soon as i can now thanks to blood fleet taiidan is now playable bug fixs new sfxs

squad mod improved
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one note that ai do not work so with taiidan or build new ships..... so may be one day they will but i dont think soon but if some would help that would be great xfire me if you can name rapid107 and any suggestions would be great

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pls people give some feed back!!!!!!

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