SpiterBot is the precursor to CPMA bots but works great in VQ3. If you like to play QL maps, there are links to QL to Q3A ports for those maps. Most maps work well, some maps don't, there is no Green Armor in SpiterBot. So some maps may not be balanced well. SpiterBot was especially known for great 1v1\Duel experience for Offline Quake 3 Players. I consider them to be the FrogBots of Q3A. This version of SpiterBot contains the lost Version .51. This is not my mod, I simply dug up the old files after 5 years, and this week I went to work to get the best version. It took a lot of hard work to find these lost files, enjoy! Thanks to the original developers of SpiterBot with the SpiterBot Team, wouldn't have this brilliant mod idea without them. <3

SpiterBot (2023) Final
Guest - - 692,227 comments

the mod doesn't seem to load at all running Q31.32E

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SquirrelzQL Author
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Hey, just now seeing this comment. I've had a few reports of this happening, I can't seem to figure out why other than possibly an issue with the resolution I set in my config? Can you provide some details or a log file? I am running the mod of ioQuake3 x64_86. Also, I don't know for sure but sometimes mods might not work if you're running on a torrented version or a fake CD-Key or what have you.

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