3 new characters added. (heretic, physadept, shaman) New player bosses in map 14 to go with them. (as bonus fights) All attributes go up to 40, starting stats reworked as a result. (some characters' max limits altered too) Strength now improves projectile damage with the power spell. Assassin's dagger is a bit more effective now. Frozen corpses can now be broken with ice weapons. (except the mage's frost shards in melee range) Character portraits now display all stats, and they have also moved to the new "character info" section of the menu. (due to the menu breaking with 7 classes) RPG/weapons mod updated, the assassin player boss now appears in Hexen, and all 7 player bosses appear in Deathkings. All characters' special features removed from the weapons mod, and damage re-balanced a little. As usual the weapon replacements and RPG system are separate from the main mod located in 2 folders (serp.wad main 25 maps and serp.pk7 the resources).

Serpent Resurrection - 2015
Knight_Ken - - 165 comments

Thanks, i'll try it.

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Guest - - 696,432 comments

why can't i download it? Like i can download it but halfway then chrome jus-

Like That!

I downloaded other mods that are larger than this but this one i just can't.

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fromiad3 - - 2 comments

works fine for me, probably ran out of space in your hard drive or something.

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