updated with missing custom skybox..thanks to Mark Wisecarver at This is a relaxation/exploration/enjoy the music/button pushing/flying/floating/ skating with and saving the Zombies. It's a break from the typical kill the crap out of everything, everywhere, all the time, get your blood pressure up game. Zombies were people once and you can help them become people again. Remove those headcrabs and reverse the process. Protect them as you lead them to a safe place underground where they can get medical attention, take a swim, shoot some pool, dance or just get tanked at the bar. Read the readme files and please install the sound files. It's quite the dead map without the music. feedback email to ""

Save The Zombies updated
WASNTME777 Author

There is a button (orange) after the hangar level change that opens the hangar floor that leads underground to the Recovery area.

There are also 7 buttons in the skate rink by the exit doors that operate barriers that will rise out of the skate floor and direct the zombies where you want them to go. Two of these buttons will open and keep open the doors leading to the Church. You have to use the crossbow to shoot the buttons in the skate rink. Use the right mouse button to zoom the crossbow and you can hit the buttons from almost anywhere in the skate rink.

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well, the link do not direct to d/l but instead to the home page of

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