In A world of 90s action movies, comes Robocop Vs Terminator: Deathmatch 1.5! RoboVSTerm 1.5 is the latest update for Robocop VS Terminator: Deathmatch and it will MELT YOUR FACE OFF! With 8 NEW maps, one entitled "Corporate Slaughter" by Mapper CETERA (of Zaps Creative), That recreate your favorite scene from Robocop and The Terminator movies! With A variety of NEW features, updated graphics, and rebalancing, along with a few bug fixes, 1.5 will be the ultimate version of RoboVSTerm. Bones will break, Steel will melt, Titanium will reign supreme! ========Whoever wins, we lose.========

RoboCop Vs Terminator: Deathmatch V1.5
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