This mod has improved AI, over 70 new abilities for the Custom Hero (expecially wizards), some new abilities for certain faction heroes, and a few original spellbook powers. Some units have been scaled to be more accurate to their movie counterpart and have even gotten new abilities of their own. AI is way smarter now and will use their powers more often, and in key areas. The AI will summon the balrog right under an enemy army for example. All the new abilities and powers i added can also be used by AI, so you better watch out when a rank 10 hero comes your way! (only fixed hard and brutal AI spells) This is a mod i made years ago and uploaded in the BFMEheaven website way back in 2015. I have been updating it recently and decided i should post it here as well

Rise of Wizards

work with patch ?

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mlmf2020 Author

I updated my BFME:ROTWK to 2.01 patch before i started modding it. After downloading it, just replace to files in the BFME folder

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: May 16, 2021----------

-mumalkil no longer effected by leadership
-great troll can knock down heroes with tree club attack and cannot be dominated
-trolls now have less knockback resistence compared to heroes
-dwarven citadel gets increased hp
-custom troll hero's Brutal Swing ability can now knock down trolls
-mumakils are a bit cheaper, but take more damage from hero damage.
-mumakils get new effects for their attacks and move closer to targets in order to hit more of the enemy horde
-mumakil's death crush now has smoke and debree effects
-orc archers get heavy armor
-goblin fighter and archer horde now have 35 members instead of 20, but also increased cost
-drogoth, fellbeast, and eagles get a speed boost
-shelob and spider riders can now climb walls (a bit awkward though for spider riders since they just freeze till they reach the other side. shelob on the other hand runs too fast and sometimes just passes through the walls)
-Summoned citadel will injure units when it is destroyed
-Found an extra dragon unit in the ini file and made it so it can sometimes appear instead of the standard ROTWK dragon when using the summon dragon spell

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: May 24, 2021----------

-Lorien Warriors have been removed from the barracks and Lorien Archers can now toggle between melee and ranged. They can now purchase the forged blades upgrade as well. (though they have a fire arrow tip when upgraded with silverthorn for some reason. Because of this change, all but one unit in the barracks have a bow, so expect alot of arrows flying when facing elves AI)
-Lorien Archers skin has been changed to the original version (still dont understand why they chose to change the flexible lorien warrior unit to 2 units) and have more health and damage since theyre part melee now
-Thranduil Summon now summons 2 hordes of mirkwood agents instead of 3 and have less hp (way too strong, but still want it as a lv5 power)
-gave khamul, morgomir, and their fellbeasts (including witch king) the black rider aura
-you can now recruit 3 black riders in the siege works instead of 6
-you can now recruit nazguls in the troll cage!!! You can recruit up to 3 simultaneously just like the ones in the siege works, but these are the fell beast versions! I did this for 2 main reasons, first is so mordor can recruit more nazguls faster by having 3 sources of nazgul production, and second reason is so mordor can have more fell beasts available. With witch-king, khamul, morgomir, and the 3 nazgul in the troll cage, you can have a total of 6 flying nazgul to call upon for an air strike! XD
-edited black color option to be a bit more visible in the map and player select ui, still very difficult to see in player created maps
-mumakil buildtime and and cp cost has been reduced
-the rohan trio now spawn riding their horse, so ai doesnt spend 5 seconds mounting it everytime
-farms now give 75 command points instead of 50, and fortresses give 150 command points instead of 100
-nazguls more resistant to fire

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how to get the game?

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mlmf2020 Author

You can look around the net for a cracked version. Im not really sure where since i still have my BFME2 and ROTWK CDs with me.

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I have a one for ya! ;p

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: June 03, 2021----------

-Goblin's Wild Men summon power and Mordor's Arrow Volley power were replaced with the new power "Amass Army". When clicked, all existing orc pits and goblin caves permanently gain +50% production speed. I was thinking what power i can make to replace the wildmen summon since it didnt match goblins and arrow volley was just a copy paste of the ranger ability. Someone suggested an Ungoliant summon but i didnt want to just make an enlarged spiderling model and goblins already had a spiderling power, not to mention she didnt even appear in the lotr/hobbit books/film.
-fixed one of the goblin ai spell purchase scripts where ai would fail to purchase Great Troll Summon power and break the spell purchase chain
-Oathbreaker Summon has more units, deal more damage, and lasts longer
-Faramir wound arrow deals more damage to monsters
-Brand slam arrow deals more damage to monsters
-changed the height where flying units attack mumakils so they dont fly inside
-nazguls revieve more damage against heroes and decreased dread visage aura effect size (since mordor can now quickly summon multiple nazguls and their dread visage disables leadership as well as debuffing units, they seem to be the strongest ai faction so far.)
-mumakils deal more damage to other mumakils and less damage to walls
-All wall segements, hubs, postern gates, cataplt wall expansions, ect. now have the same armor and take the same damage, with only the wall health and upgrade bonus effecting the value.
-Fortress expansions have more health
-mine explosion deal more damage in the center and editedit so that the center of the explosion is capable of destroying a fully upgraded dwarven wall

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: March 25, 2022----------

-Fixed Amass Army effect so it doesnt linger when structure is destroyed
-Mumakil AI will no longer use charge ability(they can use it even without the button for some reason)
-Wizard hero's Saruman Staff has a new effect. It causes a shockwave and thunderous noise effect. When Spell Mastery ability is acquired, the shockwave effect gets bigger and trolls can be knocked down, but damage stays the same. Saruman also has this new animation when he attacks (his battle with the nazgul in dol guldur was the inspiration for this new animation)
-Wizard hero's Gandalf White Staff has a new effect. It now shoots a bolt of light that causes a flash to appear which gets bigger and more flashy when Spell Mastery is acquired. Gandalf also has this new animation, and even gets the improved animation when he becomes white
-Wizard Hero's Necro Staff has a new effect. It now has a sort of suction effect, the idea being that its stealing the opponents soul or life force
-Wizard hero gains new ability "Sandstorm" where you summon a fast moving cloud of sand that reduces speed, vision, and range, as well as deal damage over time. The whirlwind ability was removed for this since archer hero has it anyway. The ablility can be upgraded to "Gravelstorm" which enhances the abilitiy's effects, but also increases damage and causes units to cower in fear, as if protecting themselves from being pelted
-Dwarven battle tower now costs more than other factions because of its new feature
-Dwarven battle tower now has a large crossbow on top of the tower that shoots large black arrows. (like in the hobbit movies. Dont know how to remove the uruk unit but seeing as i reduced the size of a ballista, just imagine it as a skinny dwarf lol) These essentially "mini ballistas" shoot large black arrows that deal bonus damage to monsters, cause knockback, and have alot of range (not as far as siegeweapons though) The tower of the "Summon Lone Tower" power will not have a crossbow on top when it is summoned.
-Dwarven battle towers are 20% bigger to differentiate them from the lone tower power
-Men Lone Tower increased size as well

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: April 26, 2022----------
-Changed the main menu background to a awesome pic i found. There will be a "Textures0.big" file inside the zip file and all you have to do is replace the file in the main ROTWK forlder
-Wizard hero's Saruman Staff now knocks down trolls when Spell Mastery is acquired, as was intended
-Blast Storm and Thunderstorm Ability has greater range
-Wizard Hero loses "Flood" ability and gains new ability "Erupting Earth" which quickly and violently raises the ground and sends units flying. After the initial raising, the spell will leave a large rock that permanently stays in the game as an obstacle to walk around until destroyed by the enemy or by the player willingly. (When i was game testing the new ability, I saw the AI unintentionally block Rock Blast with this while the rocks were at mid flight. That is exactly what i thought of when i made this ability XD) The ability also deals bonus damage to structures. (it cant be summoned inside structures but it can be summoned at the edge and deal damage)
-Saruman can now knock down trolls when he reaches rank 10

*I have released a video which i intended to be the new opening cinematic, but unfortunately i couldnt get it to work. The game reads ".vp6" files and i researched how to turn an avi to vp6. But everytime i convert the video it becomes a pixelated mess. So i decided to just post it in the site. Pls forgive my poor scripting and editing lol

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mlmf2020 Author

--------Update: May 10, 2022----------

-Erupting earth now has 2 rock models, using the ability will summon one or the other. (just for more variety)
-Erupting Earth can now be cast under buildings(initially i thought it would be too broken if you can block the pathways of newly recruited units, but after testing and seeing that units can safely be recruited despite a large boulder in the way, there wasnt any need for the restrictions.)
-wizard blast line now has 3 levels instead of 4. Its now Wizard Blast - Double Blast - Blast Storm, available at levels 1, 3, and 10. Adjusted cost so the whole line still has the same total cost
-Wizard hero gets new ability "Mountan's Wrath". This new ability is an upgrade of "Erupting Earth", units in the targeted area will be flung into the air like its predecesor, but instead of a boulder, a mountain of stone roughly the size of a fortress will be summoned into the battlefield. Due to its size it can block pathways, create choke points, and protect the player from projectiles. It boasts a large amount of hp and has 2 pieces, siege and other attacks can generally damage both pieces simultaneously, but not always, so you may have a second piece to destroy after the first. If any of the sections are destroyed, the area around it will deal damage to all units, even its own other section.

***With this new ability, i have officially made my 70th ability for create-a-hero! Seventy... I personally thought i had like around 40 abilities, but no, i got curious and counted and was shocked how many i made. Erupting earth was my 69th ability, and Mountain's Wrath is my 70th. This does not include edited abilities such as Thunder Hammer, Double Blast, or Berserker Rage. It doesnt even include the new abilities i gave to faction heroes, units, structures, and the spellbook. Im updating this mod relatively early to celebrate my 70th new ability for custom hero! Mountain's Wrath!

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You are Wizard of my life, thanks for every amazing update, dear friend, this mod is best and most creative one focused on heroes and cash powers.
I am so happy..
I am doing my best to buy new pc, and play your mod again and again.
I am sure, many players will never forget your amazing work.
You always was man of honor and your words have price of gold.
Proud to be first, who noticed that in you.
Thanks for recreating my life, you were making it unforgetable and happy with every single update.
Thanks for everything.
I am here, always happy to see updates and obviously will play it again as just will get pc.
Keep doing your best. hope we will see in mod shapeshifting and blood magic also, ofc, then you will have time and wish to do it.
If not you, noone can do it better.
With best wishes
Aic Ual Goun

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