A couple of micro mods - that allow you to tweak MoW gameplay and remove icons for clean screen captures.

RGB Extras

I like the tweaks mod!

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Merch2 Author

Thanks, the tweaks are perfect for none modders as you can change the gameplay with just a text edit...the helmets flying off used to get right on my wick when I first started playing MoW years ago (I use different helmet styles to ID my soldiers at a quick glance). When I finally found a code line to alter the fly-off it really made my MoW gaming more enjoyable - so I try to pass on the same by making something easy to change with just text codes. First thing I do when I dload a new mod for single player is code helmets on and vehicle damage text off. I like to see the AP rounds bouncing off armour with sparks and fire and no floating label ;-)

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Yes, I removed the damage text from MoW long ago, hated it. But I never knew how to keep the helmets on, thanks for that!

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