This is a custom Alpha build of Red Phoenix prepared for a local exhibition in 2009. It is in no way representative of the current state of the mod. It isn't bug free, complete or balanced. It is released as a token of appreciation for everyone who sticked with the project throughout its years. I've had two years of inactivity, during which you guys/gals got nothing in return. Have fun and see you on the frontlines Commanders ! BogdanV

Red Phoenix Alpha 1
BogdanV Author

Thanks for your feedback !
The telegraph poles were supposed to have a "falling down" anim, allowing you to run over stuff with your tank. You should've been able to pass through them. I'll fix them.

That Vulture spawner shuffles through various vehicles. The Nod buggy however, shouldn't be there. It should have been : Vulture, Rhino, Tesla Tank.

Oh, just a heads-up : there's a nuke beacon sitting around outside the soviet base. It should leave radiation damage after it blows up but that's probably broken too :|
Still, I'd like to know if the anim has any performance issues.

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BogdanV Author

Sorry, the lighting must be making it hard. Its on the Soviet side of the map, as you walk straight ahead from the Soviet spawner. It should be on your right, about where the car wrecks are. Its the Nod beacon model.

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