The early concept prototype of Radiance :: Lux Prima video game - Windows Only (PC) Note: We'll be posting the Mac/OSX version soon so please check back in a few days if you are looking for that particular platform.

Radiance :: Lux Prima - Early Concept Prototype
CodeAssembler Author

We apologize for any inconveniences you might encounter while playing the 'early concept prototype' - remember if you do want to offer feedback is more than welcomed so we can improve over it!

We are really happy (the whole team at First Light Studios) that you all have taken your time to take a look at the prototype and play trough it! Because of it we are on fire! XD We are so pumped up as to keep working on it all remaining week non-stop to see how far we could take it until this weekend and upload a new version with fixes / updates for you try!


- Luis

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CodeAssembler Author

:::::::::::::::::: Instructions :::::::::::::::::::::::

[ Controls ]

( Keyboard )

WASD - character movement
CTRL - Basic Slash (Sorry no combos yet!)
Space - Jump
ESC - Quick reset / exit menu

( GamePad )

Analog Directional - character movement
A - Jump
X - Basic Slash (Sorry no combos yet!)

ESC - Quick reset / exit menu

[ Basic Gameplay ]

For now is just slash all goblins around - we still don't have combo moves, also the main character is not the one you'll be using so this one is a place holder for now. We don't have combo moves in place at this version neither, hopefully they'll be set (even if basic) for the next release / iteration. Then you can enter some of the structures, scroll down to the [ structures ] section to learn more about it!

Camera is side view (as in traditional Beat 'em Ups - you don't get to control it)

Action is always trough the right direction (again as in traditional Beat 'em Ups - however areas are not restricted yet, so you can go wherever you want at will, this will be fixed on next release and we will update this section then)
[ Structures ]

You can enter en the 3rd Structure (the one with the huge Barrel on top) and there you can rescue a villager if you can deduct what to do regarding the environment

You can enter the Inn too (the one with the tinted colored windows) - there's still no action / event in there but you can see it (there's meat in there over the counter)

You almost got to the Water Well (You just needed to jump over it ! :) So you can see the underground and then exit trough the right most where the 'roots are' ..
Otherwise you are so right is a pretty short 'early concept prototype' so you can have a grasp on the wanted game 'feel'

The reason for the side view camera is because since its a beat 'em up we will make the areas so that you can't go past a certain distance until accomplishing the things needs to be done or enemies needed to be cleared. Expect that for the next release (hopefully for next week).

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that was awesome to play are you going to make it a F2P or are you going to make it a paid game?

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