==VERSION BETA 1.0== No more red text version! -Gameplay [*] Marines can now shoot while they move. [*] Changes to Nashgore's liquid blood. [*] Pinky demons charge towards the player to make them more efficient as they're only melee-based. [*] Pistol, Chaingun and Assault rifle now more accurate, and do varying damage. [*] Explosives more likely to gib enemies. [*] Cyberdemons' default death now spawn gibs. [*] Nerfed fists a little. [*] Marine can now hold more ammo. [*] Invulnerability Sphere now makes projectiles reflect back when it hits the user. -Sound [*] Terrain splashes and stuff, courtesy of MagicWizard. [*] Added grunting for jumping. [*] Solid, default terrain now makes concrete landing noise. [*] Got rid of oddly loud spring noise from Assault Rifle sound. [*] Better blood sounds. [*] Unique pain sounds for Cacodemon and Imp. -Graphics [*] Weapon bobbing is changed, smoother and not as wonky. (Especially the chainsaw. Looks so mmpfh!) [*] Better invulnerability faces, o

QualityDoom 1.0.0 BETA (January 4, 2016)

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is this still being worked on?

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