Project Date 8 is a Speed Dating point and click where the player attends a speed dating event. Only having 15 minutes before the night ends, the player must quickly build relationships before making their final selection. This build offers a 3D and 2D version of the game as we decide which perspective works better for us and the project. Please let us know which you like better and any other questions, comments or concerns you may have! Installation instructions: After downloading the build place the folder in any desired location on your harddrive. Unzip the file with a program like Winrar or 7zip. Open the new folder run the "DatingSpeed.exe". If you are having trouble running the game or have encountered a bug please contact Credits: Game design/Techart: Chris S. Narrative/Character Design: Wesley R. Backend Tools Engineering/ Animation: Chris G. Character Art/Environment Art: Zack S.

Project_Date_8 -8_21_2020
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