Second download for the slightly improved version of "Price of Immortality". Please remove the original before playing this version to avoid problems with file paradoxes. Changes: -Lab Key can not be picked up through the locked desk anymore. -Slime in main hall now has a hinting text when interacted with. -Save Point added before making final decision, all endings are now easily accessible. -Increased reading time for all flashbacks. Enjoy

Price of Immortality V1.1

it's awesome, really
thanks , good work.

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I really liked this custom story. I give it 10/10 !!

P.S. what's the name of the ending song ?

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Frostedge Author

The song that plays in the Main Hall is called "Fabricated Background"
The song in the chapel is called "Mask Of The Priest And The Bell Of The Chapel"
The song in the credits is called "Requiem For The Living"
All are great songs, in my opinion.
If you want, you can always put in a real review to up the score a little.

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I am extremely surprised. This custom story is truly amazing. I still cant understand how can all this fit into 15mb? This custom story has a perfect balance of horror, exploration and puzzles. Even though I haven't finished it, it is a very simple custom story. Though being simple I have seen worse 100mb custom stories. The plot is interesting, but my laziness doesn't allow me to read all of the pages left to be found. Also the text in the main hall move to fast I couldn't read all of it. Also I am amazed that this simple 15mb custom story has multiple ending. Simply wonderfull :)

I am currently stuck with making a potion, I don't know where to get the blood or the ingredient, if you happened to see this please leave a comment. Thank you

I give this custom story a 8/10
This rating isint final because I couldn't finish it.

Edit: I just realized I'm 3 years late :O :|

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