PIRATES MOD v0.1 DEscriptION This mod adds a third unique, playable race to Homeworld 2, known simply as the "Pirates", and implements minor universal gameplay changes and adds additional ships to the existing hiigaran and vaygr navies. MOD INSTALLATION 1. Place 'piratemodv0.1.big' into your 'C:\...\Sierra\Homeworld2 2;Data" folder. 2. If you originally installed Homeworld2 into the default directory, then simply use the provided shortcut to start the HW2 Pirates Mod. OR 2. Create a new Homeworld 2 shortcut, and add the modifier '-mod piratemodv0.1.big' to the target line of the new shortcut's properties. It should look like this: "C:\Program Files\Sierra\Homeworld2\Bin\R elease\Homeworld2.exe" -mod piratemodv0.1.big 3. Double-click on the shortcut and enjoy the mod! UNINSTALLATION 1. Remove piratemodv0.1.big from your harddrive.

Pirates Mod v0.1

dosent load :(((

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