Our first techdemo release is finally available for Linux, Mac, FreeBSD & OpenBSD. This release is based on PARPG SVN trunk revison 522. Built against and tested with FIFE SVN trunk revision 3236. Install process: 1. Unpack the fife_r3236_src.tar.gz archive (available as separate download) to a folder of your choice (called [FIFE] from now on) 2. Install scons using your package manager 3. Install swig using your package manager 4. Install Python 2.5 or 2.6 and a matching version of PyYAML if you don’t have them installed yet 5. cd into the [FIFE] directory and run: scons ext && sudo scons install-python 6. In case you encounter any build errors, install the necessary libraries and try these pointers 7. Unpack the parpg_td1_r522_src.tar.gz archive to a folder of your choice (called [PARPG] from now on) 8. cd into the [PARPG] directory and run: ./

PARPG techdemo 1 source package
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