Our first techdemo release is finally available for Win32! This release is based on PARPG SVN trunk revison 522. Built against and tested with FIFE SVN trunk revision 3236. Install process: 1. Run parpg_td1_r522_win32.exe and install PARPG to a location of your choice (called [PARPG] from now on) 2. Make sure that you’ve installed (Active)Python 2.6, PyYAML and FIFE (they either ship with the installer or can be downloaded with the help of it) 3. To run PARPG itself, cd into the [PARPG] directory and execute (should be automatically associated with your Python 2.6 interpreter) 4. To run PARPG with file logging, cd into the [PARPG] directory and execute log_parpg.bat; the log will be written to logfile.txt

PARPG techdemo 1 win32 installer
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