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This Download package contains Sean Lang's Weapon Rebalance Mod (with bugs) and confused_shelf's vehicle rebalance mod. Plus the common Mech-Tonnage fix for MechCommander builts.

Optional NGNG Mod Pack

Vehicle fix seems cool, though it can make missions considerably harder since it's a buff in most cases.

This is compatible with Darkest Hours 4.2 , right?

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MCRizZen Author

It should be. But i'm not the creator. For deeper information you will have to ask Sean Lang and Confused_shelf.

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Well, I have tried and except the descriptions it is.

However, I have some comments about the refit truck """rebalance""":

1- That is can repair that amount of armor doesn't mean that it can carry that amount in tons. Yes, armor is measured in tons but armor broken from a mech does not actually fall of, it stays there. The repair vehicle doesn't replace armor, rather, it seals and welds it (you can even graphically see this with the welder sparks). So no, it doesn't mean "is has to hae that much armor on it"

2- THe new version is extremely weak and unbalanced to useless. The old version was actually fine. Why? Square Lanchester law. Those 35 tons were a mech you were not carrying. An extra mech will allow you to destroy the enemy easier and faster, thus taking in much less damage. So, more firepower also counts as "repair". The refit vehicle is rather slow and fragile, so it was a tradeoff for a powerful light mech such as a Cougar. Plus if the new one is limited to the "25 armor it can carry", you are actually carrying 30 tons of useless which will impact severely your ability to deal damage (not to mention, the refit truck isn't actually using that armor on itself). TL DR more firing mechs means less damage to you, so the Refit Truck needs to be more efficient to compensate. Bringing 55 tons for 25 tons of armor repairs which cost time and require peace and protection is absolutely terrible. Same with doubling Ammo Truck tonnage which wasn't even good before.

I will try to edit it myself for turning back, but please if the auther ever reads this, take that into account.

See Lanchester law in action in RTS here:

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MCRizZen Author

One of the reasons i won't implement it to a newer version - just leaving it optionally available. I think a fullversion with this would cause too many complaints.

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If you use this there is also a crash in mission 1 of the original campaign. The problem is in a civlian car file.
I have fixed it in my version but coudn't stop there and introduced a full equipment refurbish while not changing the tonnage of weapons and vehicles:

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MCRizZen Author

Please recheck the Gamesys file of its data\mission folders. I found serious issues there on weapon range mod. I recommend comparing the file with my gamesys of optional visual and weapon range mod for widescreen. I have corrected values that got overridden by the weapon mod creators without purpose. I guess they replaced a certain value with another value while modifying ranges and didnt noticed they although override other settings with the same number as value. This alone causes many possible technical problems and issues, leading the game into instability and debug.

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