It's 2015 and the New World Order is upon us. Fight with the Illuminati NWO (complete with CIA operatives Al-Qaeda) or choose to side with Ron Paul, Alex Jones & Adam Kokesh with their band of Anarchist, Voluntarist and Libertarians to attempt to end the Fed and save the world!

New World Order v1.3.5.b
Tuck_Fheman Author

Updated 12/15/2013 : The installer has been udpated for non Win64 users, the Desktop icon for non Win64 users and the language file issue was fixed.

** Windows 32 and Steam users please read the instructions during installation. You will need to change the install folder to the same folder RelicCOH.exe is in as instructed. Simply copy/paste the proper folder name into the destination field then install.

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Tuck_Fheman Author

I will be fixing the start menu folder and uninstall link next release and possibly some other minor adjustments.

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