This is a demo for the Nations mod, it introduces Poland.

Nations mod demo

Not bad but there are a few problems:
1. Blyskawica have no textures.
2. The NKVD hat goes all over the head for skins (rus_nkvd1 and rus_nkvd2).
3. rus_nkvd2 skin has a strange ending of textures on the shoulders.
4. Voice for Polish soldiers.
5. More varieties of faces for Polish soldiers.

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almáspite123 Author

Thanks for the feedback.
1. The Blyskawica does have a texture but it is a bmp file which is the same case with the Mors, Wz35 rifle and police cap. On my side the texture does shows up. But this information means that in the future I will convert every texture to .dds format so it will work for all. I will upload a patch for this.
2. The cap that is used there is the USSR officer cap just reskinned it seems that the issue is coming from there. I have looked a bit to the game files and it seems that not all headgear from the game fits on all the humanskins.
3. For the rus_nkvd2 I reskinned rus_flamer humanskin. But I will look at it and try to fix him.
4. Voices are something that I feel will be the hardest part to implement. I am hoping that later I will be able to find some native speakers who will be willing to record lines for the nations I will add.
As this is a demo I though it is not that important. But now I feel I should have wrote it in the readme that there are no voices yet.
5. You are right about the face variety I have used 6 face textures from the game and it does shows. I do wish to create some more detailed models to make some renders that are more closer to the original portraits.

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Thanks for the answer.

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Nie wiem czy to przez ten mod ale jak wysadziłem czołg w edytorze dym był jakiś dziwny i jak padał na wrak to wrak znikał a jak na drzewa to drzewa przez ten dym są łyse

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