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This is my first map. Its 4vs4 and is for Dawn of War Soulstorm. Check out screenshot to see what it looks like. Information on install can be found in the read me file. Hope you will like it. Oh yeah, rate the map if you don't mind, would like to know what you think of it. ZmajOgnjeniVuk

Myrmidon Prime

Looks gorgeous!

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ZmajOgnjeniVuk Author

Hey Jones, thanks, I hope you will lake the gameplay, it can get pretty cramped from time to time.

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Hi friend,
sorry i was not very helpfull with your blocking terrain issue, i was so busy !

Anyway you did a very good job with this map and eve if some of thepath are a bit narrow at some places, the map is fun to play and offer a lot of different style.

You made a good scenery and combine the environment elements available to make a unique feeling and immersive battlefield.

one remark : try not to make such a heavy use of the water puddle and rain drops Fx because it will induce a bad lag on some computer (especialy if you begin to play with camera angles)

if you need help with minimap you know where to find me.

rating :

originality : 8/10 complex design, well executed. original use of scenery
ambiance : 7/10
playability : 6.5/10 (because of the narrow path,and unbalanced when dealing with race with big projection capacity such as eldar or dark eldar. jumper vehiculs and flying units are really advantaged by terrain. IG will suffer a real nightmare)
technical mapping : 7/10 homogenous map well executed and nothing unfinished or hastly done , i like obstinate and passionate mappers.

overall rating : 7.5/10 well done !


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This map is awesome!

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ZmajOgnjeniVuk Author

Thanks Ralph, I do appreciate the input. Have you tried Mandragore, my second map. Give it a go. I think you will like it.Cheers.

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I almost forgot how ridiculously complicated/beautiful/huge your maps are. XD Amazing job on all of these! Just curious, but is it still really normal to be missing a texture or two? Everything appears to be fine except for roof tops, which appear as the infamous purple question mark. Am i missing a texture or is the map so big the game is screwing up? Again, just curious.

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