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Mustafar: Sanctuary A forgotten purgatory of ruins encompassed by vast molten lava.

Mustafar: Sanctuary

For those that think they have seen this map before, this is just a reskinned version of Rhen Var Citadel with a Mustafar feeling to it with some new custom assets added in, new sky and new background. It is good to see you back at modding again Kryptic! I give you credit for making the map compatible with all the game modes the game has to offer (except Campaign), a feat not very many maps have accomplished in the whole 15 years the game has been out. I do not have any bugs to report at all and the gameplay is pretty even which is good. Some custom sides would be nice to see for the map but I know you are just getting back into modding so I do not expect to see them at all until after you get a grasp of modding once again. All in all a good retexture of a classic map, I would definitely recommend this map to new modders/gamers of Classic Battlefront 2.

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Something about this map is surprisingly entertaining! It's essentially a reskin of Rhen Var: Citadel, but the atmosphere of Mustafar and the darkness of the map make it feel unique. Hero Assault looks incredible with the bright lightsabers against the dark background, and Hunt mode (Empire vs CIS) is a nice throwback to the BFII campaign! Overall, great job!

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You made a great map, although I think that it is overlooked by people. I decided to write my opinion about it here. I'll start with the things that I think might be changed (if there will be any future release):
1) I'd change the moddb name of the file. 'MUI' doesn't say much and I think that people would pay more atention to the map if you used its full name.
2) I watched your YouTube video and I understand what you were going for but it would be nice if you could brighten the lighting, just a little bit, so that it would still maintain the feel that you intended for it. You see, it's REALLY dark near the tower and under the bridge, up to the point where I nearly wasn't able to see the ground at all.
3) It's a minor thing, but maybe you could add the in-game description of the map. It's a small touch, but would make it feel even more professional.
Here's what I liked about it:
1) I like that you made this map feel as if it was an official addon by Pandemic. Also, I've seen some opinions by people on YouTube who disliked the lack of custom sides. Personally, I liked that. It's one of the things that gave me that 'official' feel.
2) While the map is basically Rhen Var: Citadel, it feels quite different from it and unique.
3) There are a lot of small touches that make this map cooler. I liked the hunt mode and your choice for heroes and villains. Your justifications for it in your YouTube video made a lot of sense and felt convincing.
Overall, I like this map. I hope that you'll make more. To be honest, it would be awesome if you could convert the maps that were featured in the Xbox DLC and made them accurate to the Xbox versions. Great job! :D

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Good design, great rework of a good map. Just needs to be lighter.
Custom units aren't a must but if you have to use the shock troopers.
Hunt idea would be darkside Anakin doing his lone attack on the CIS.

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