This is a simple esp file to introduce script effects, MF framework to MK14 mod. By the definition, you need BOTH Modern Firearms (2.5 Beta or later) and MK14 mod that can be found on Fallout 4 Nexus or

Modern Firearms 2.5 Add-On: MK14 Plugin

Hi just putting this out there ... but the BDU meshes in the mod are messed up.. and the elbow and knee pads are missing textures for some reason? does anyone know how to fix this?

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We're working on that, actually. I've got someone that's working on fixing all the mesh weirdness and getting the armor all rigged for BodySlide support. If it bugs you too much, just use FO4Edit to remove them from the leveled lists, it's not that hard:

The missing textures are because those patterns are still WIP, an unfortunately will be for a while since the guy who does that stuff recently had to reformat his PC and lost everything but the source files.

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