Miner Wars Flythrough Hello Community! First of all let me thank you for all the positive feedback we received on our 30 user release of the non-interactive flythrough. We were absolutely thrilled to find out that there were almost no bugs or graphical glitches on your computers. Some very small nuissances were present but no "A" type bugs that could potentially break the game for you were reported. Because of this we have decided that we will be releasing a public flythrough version to further test the capabilities of the engine. The public version will be released over the weekend and it will contain 4 new non-interactive animations that will include some new ships and new textures present in the current build. This build will be updated frequently. All the changes will be announced in the news section.

Miner Wars Setup - Benchmarking Demo
leilei - - 5,721 comments

this should go in the miner wars profile not hijacking the profiles of the 3 descent games to promote your own product

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Hendar23 - - 250 comments

Agreed. The game looks great but why is it on the Descent profile?

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okawa - - 2 comments

Thats a good question.

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ArtimusBena - - 1 comments

Hey guys. This was unintentional. We are sending an email to the admins so we can figure out what happened.

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@uToPL@y - - 31 comments

? Because some of the same dev's worked on MW ya think ?
Email? Meh! all they need to do is remove it themselves! :| 0.o

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@uToPL@y - - 31 comments

Just hit the 'report download' button! and they'll get the idea! .,.

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