This is an updated release with the full version of the mod. It contains a few new characters, as well as balance updates and many improvements to FX and powers. It also has a few bug fixes, mostly fixing missing textures and objects from campaign missions. Just download this file and point the installer to your FF2 directory. Make sure you've deleted or renamed any previous versions, though.

Marvel Adventures 2.4

Hey Grey, I didn't realize that you had updated this mod in July of this year!

I was too busy looking at your DC Universe-mod.

So I did download your >Turtles-mod and this mod back in 2019, and I've only played some X-men missions in this mod - and I like them quite a bit. I believe the missions with Gambit and Rogue reminded me of the comics that I read back in the early 2000's.

I'm surprised that the Freedom Force and Freedom Force VS the Third Reich - ain't more popular today.

I didn't know about the Steam-version, but the old CD didn't work on my Windows 7 like it used to on Windows XP - so I had to get the GOG-version on windows 7.

I'm suspecting that the Steam-version allows multiplayer and might have an active community still?

The old version had LAN through TCP/IP and online multiplayer. I did never play multiplayer despite getting the first game around 2005. It might be fun, especially in a mod such as yours.

The Marvel Adventures-mod has an impressive amount of characters and I went throught the entire list by scrolling down.

On my old Youtube which got deleted like back in 2008 I used to have Freedom Force 2 shown. I had played the entire game on my Youtube and it was pretty popular. I even had a character of myself in the game that looked like me. But unfortunately that harddrive got erased and I couldn't find the same body for the model.

Anyway, looking at Youtube today I can see that there are people playing Freedom Force and Freedom Force VS the Third Reich - but no-one is playing any mod.

It amazes me! So many great mods for this - Freedom Force used to have such a huge number of downloadable content. I did download your new update today and am installing it now - it's increased in size from 756mb to 933mb in rar-archive format.

Seems like a worthy update.

Looking forward to the DC-one.

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textures for the ground on new york map and a few others not in the file or rendering

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