Grim Dawn : Lost Treasures V0.22b Changed Mjolnir skill: Casts 2 orbiting hammers for 15 seconds.Each one can spawn 2-4 more hammers on hit farther away. Increased Treasure Guardians Life by 50%, OA,DA, all natural resistance now set at 50% (most of them were 0% or 25% before) Increase Ultimate Treasure guardian Offensive and Defensive ability by 20%.Increases it's natural resistances from 85% to 90%. Increase droprate of Lost tresures items. Wings materia has now a 1% chance to drop from Ultimate treasure Guardian. Wings materia can only be applied to medal (it was amulet and medal before) One Treasure guardian renamed : Treasure Guardian: Intesius - Kathanious's follower

Lost Treasures v022b
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