“Logic Lord” is an innovative combat style logic game from indie developer that will blow your mind. STORY: Stop the evil red robot which is going to blow up the Earth! The villain calls himself by "Logic Lord" and considers himself the cleverest in the Universe. His huge army is invincible... But he has a weakness - megalomania. If he loses in a logical game, then he won't be able to accept it, his processor will burn down and the world will be saved. HOW TO PLAY: The playing field consists of 64 cells. Each cell can give to the player from 0 to 5 points with EACH STEP. You can take neighboring cells only. Start game from any corner. Your opponent will take cells and collect points too. If you are surrounded, you can not take any cells. Apply rocket attacks against the enemy. You can take the cell at the epicenter of explosion. Use the "AUTO" button to speed up the game.

Logic Lord
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