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Lazarus Decλy is an interactive multimedia video game project, utilizing Looking Glass Technologies’ 1994 PC classic, System Shock as a base. The goal of the project was to create an expansion pack-like experience, adding to the base game, utilizing some already existing game assets, whilst introducing many new and original assets

Lazarus Decλy 0.1.4 - A Story Driven System Shock Modification

This seems interesting, but I can't figure out how to get it to work with the Steam version of System Shock: Enhanced Edition. I followed the instructions but... nothing.

Is it possible to get it working like ReWired/Ruby Station (dropping the files into %APPDATA%\Nightdive Studios\System Shock EE\missions and then activating it through the in-game Modifications menu) instead? This would make things a lot easier!

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Sadly you can't. I couldn't even run it on the 1.0 of Enhanced Edition even though it should work. For me, it only works on Classic edition. Anyway, the reason it does not work on Sourceport is explained on forums by member - 3RDplayer:
"I'm currently working on it once in a while. I also received the original assets. The problem is tho, that there are still bugs in the Sourceport that make some resources not load. It could be solved by using the original assets and reimporting them into the resource files with the right conversion.

But even tho that I have the original assets (thanks again Laszlo) I can't really use them. I would need ONLY the files that made it into the final built.
But I have EVERY EXISTING asset, unfinished ones from early to mid developement and raws that didnt even made it into the final built of his mod. It's kinda a mess and its hard for me to find the files that truly need to be adjusted.

It's not his fault that he had deadlines to meet and no time to organise his files. And it's also not his fault that the mod support of the Sourceport isn't as good as it needs to be. So I am sorry to say that it might never be ported to Sourceport."

So as you read above you will probably never be able to play it on Sourceport.

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TommyLaszlo Author

Steam is not straightforward and easy to use when it comes to reverting your game back to a previous version. I'd only recommend using the GoG version and following the video instructions I made to install LD:
( )

Also in regards to what Kdosda_Hegen said, the "update 1.0" you are referring to was the first actual sourceport update Nightdive released for SSEE, if I recall it was released around October of 2018. Ironically enough I had started development two months earlier, and being on a deadline I couldn't afford to scrap two months of my work just to move everything over to an unproven update with very limited to no known modding documentation.

I did genuinely try to get Lazarus Decay ported to the source port once I had done my initial release. Unfortunately due to how assets are imported and loaded in the source port combined with the lack of any proper modding documentation on the subject matter outside of a knowledge pool exclusive to maybe 2 people in the shock community, meant that the possibility of Lazarus Decay being ported was slim at best. Until the shock devs make modding more accessible with actual documentation Lazarus Decay will not make it to the source port.

Lazarus Decay works on any 'pre - sourceport' edition of SSEE. This is because the SSEE Nightdive initially released was just a gussied up DOS port using a combination of fan made mods as a wrapper, and not an actual sourceport.

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