Hello, so this mod is about the warring states period, and the manga Kingdom. I am not affiliated with the reforged team who announced the mod in may 2019. I reached out to them and the project is on hold/abandonned. This mod changes many aspects of the campaign such as starting positions and faction leaders. Almost every character from vanilla have been deleted. This mod will mainly focus on character creation. The reason I decided to release it at an early stage is that we are still looking for members to reinforce our team. Especially 2D and 3D artists. If you are able, or know anyone reach out to them. The character design will define the quality of this mod. You can also help increasing the comunity by sharing this mod on any social media platform. Anything that can get us growing would be great, since I could use some help. I STRONGLY recommend you to join the discord channel where all of the informations are, you can find it on our steam workshop mod page

Kingdom Warring States
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