NOTE: This is an OUTDATED VERSION of JJ2+. Look elsewhere in this downloads section for the latest revision! For the first time, JJ2+ is now being distributed as an installer .exe instead of a bunch of random files that you need to figure out for yourself. The installer will also do some handy stuff for you like registering context menu (=right click) actions for your .j2l files in Windows Explorer. There's also some network code changes, some fixes to bugs that made certain servers unjoinable, a less obnoxious spectator mode overlay, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out, stay updated!

June 1st 2017 Release

hey there were two bosses which you battle them at the same time they are turtle dum and turtle dem and named in the game coding as tweedles when I put them in a map they doesn't spawn so can you find a way to make them spawn able ? because I want to battle them :3 ,please?

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Violet_CLM Author

The Tweedle boss(es) unfortunately had no code in the game at all, so there was nothing for us to restore, and so far we've felt that we'd rather let users create their own Tweedle behaviors in AngelScript than build one into the game. Here's an example:

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