REQUIRES OPEN JK CLIENT !!! INSTALL: Put the "warcraft.pk3" to the "Jedi academy\GameData\Base" folder. CREDITS: Models, sounds to Blizzard Entertainment. Warchief Thrall base model made by Daerone. Goldshire art levelshot: by MajaMcGowan. Also thanks for mrwonko for his blender export plugins. NOTE: This is just an alpha release, so you may found bugs. If you play alone I recommend you to play in single player mode. I hope you'll enjoy this modification !

JKA:Warcraft Alpha 0.1 Release

I download the mod and put it n the right folder, but when I launch it this appears:
ERROR: filename length > MAX_QPATH ( strlen(models/map_objects/warcraft/ICC/FrozenThrone/ce_artahs_stairs.jpg) = 65)

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Huge Warcraft fan. Would love to try this out when I get a chance. If you're still working on this project, may I make a few requests?

- Varian Wrynn
- Rehgar Earthfury
- Medivh
- Maybe 1 or 2 battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch or Alterac Valley?

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