This Jailbreak mod is unfortunately the final release of this mod. Jereme had a computer meltdown and he lost all the original maps. So all he could've released is the latest versions of chapter 1 & 2 that he gave to the beta testers. Be well aware that these test maps include allot of bugs such as: - Combine falling through ledge in level 1 - Manhack AI messed up in level 1, missing water surface in level 2 - Unbalanced gameplay in level 2 (you can beat it if you really try), and no ending When you get to the room above the red tunnel, that's the end. Of course, its always really nice to check out these maps, even though they do have bugs in it. But Jereme did said that after he finishes 2 CS maps that he is currently working on, that he will make a new Half-Life 2 Campaign. Have fun with these maps.


although this is obnly 2 maps! it does play well and i enjoyed it! only problem that kinda annoyed me! is yes the water is white and the cubemap is wrong! but other than that tis good! worth playing!

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