Here's the demo for Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire! What this demo contains: everything so far! It's a small preview slice of the game, allowing you to play through its first few days. It's quite short, and should not take more than one hour to run through, but you can replay it multiple times to see different events unfold, or different consequences to your actions, or try different paths... it should give you a fairly good idea of what the game is and where it's headed. I'm looking for any kind of feedback based on your experience, be it positive or negative: if you liked it (cool!) then why, what and how, if you didn't, then again why, what and how, especially if you have ideas as to what needs changing, fixing or improving. I'll also take any and all bug reports! The demo's been tested on a relatively small number of configurations, meaning it's possible you might run into issues. If you do, please inform me of what happens, and your computer specifications!

Honey Rose UFE: July Demo

yesss, so gonna play this :D

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Pehesse Author

Man, missed your comment! Sorry about that! Did you get the chance to play it then? Got any feedback? :-D

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