Digital Defense, A Homeworld:2 mini mod v1.0 - initial release 6/11/2010 - gameplay is faster paced - various visual changes IE; missile color, bullet color, trails ect - light mod, no learning curve. no fancy ships, just regular HW2 ships tweaked - higs are hard hitting, but slow - vaygr are fast but have weaker Armour v1.1 soon to be released

Homeworld:2 Digital Defense v1.0
Neoshade Author
Neoshade - - 2 comments

---new changes in 1.1---

-made unit selction box red
-attack now says "engauge"
-recycle now says "decomission"
-fixed vaygr BC turn speed
-lowered BC main cannon dammage and range
-speed vaygr carrier and increased armour for "strike carrier" feel
-made hig BC less acurate against frigs and more accurate against capitals
-hig missles are hit harder
-hig marrine frigate heavily armoured
-vaygr infiltrator frig verry fast
-shrunk vaygr int size from 9 to 7
-made vaygr command vett half cost, half the build time
-raised hig BC armour
-DD and BC both now have 20% farther missle range
-DD has 15% flak range
-DD has 20% chance to hit fighters and 35% to hit vettes opposed to 10% and 20%
-raised vaygr scout speed to 520
-raised hig ECM probe health by 150%

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