Improved version of High Albedo: Twisted Skies with many bug fixes and usability improvements. Requires Oracle Java 7 or OpenJDK 7.

High Albedo: Twisted Skies (1.1)

Hi there,

the game looks like it has some promise. Here are some thoughts on improving the game so you can start getting better feedback from players.

First off, I had some technical issues:
When starting in windowed mode, the game always hangs after clicking new game. The menu screen disappears and the space background remains, then nothing happens while the sound loop keeps playing. Turned it off after 10-30 sec. Tried it with various resolutions, was always the same result. Maybe just disable windowed mode, until you can test it more thoroughly on various machines.

Starting in full screen mode works. But it's very confusing that the resolution entered under windowed mode also applies to full screen. An idea would be that full screen could just naturally apply the desktop resolution.

About the actual game, I only played for a minute or two, the main reason being that there is no clear indication of what I can/should do. If you are looking to get some good feedback, my suggestion would be to place some interesting gameplay items close enough to the player so he can start engaging with them right away. An in-game overlay of the controls, perhaps by pressing F1 would also be very helpful. The current menu is confusing, as there is no obvious resume button and pressing Esc ends the game.

If you can make the first 30 seconds as easy and interesting as possible for a new player, I think you will start getting some really useful feedback.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to where this is going!

All the best,

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masternerdguy Author

This is pretty useful, I've sent you a PM. FYI for anyone reading this there's a mini-tutorial in that comms window in the upper left corner of the screen, it says "welcome" at first.

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