Pure Heretic Only experience focusing on Better Heretic Monsters via LAGI's Mellow Heretic monsters mod. This is an Addon mod for Heretic. Load Heretic as the IWAD/or first then this file. GZDoom can read zip files. Heretic Heroes is a gameplay mod meant to recapture the difficulty and fun of adventure and movement from old NES fantasy adventure games. Heretic Heroes is a heavily randomized event full of adventure from some destructable scenery to the randomness of RNG being cruel on weapons and items drops, or even super fruitful. There are 11 heroes from various games and each was designed to roughly match their physics of those games if they were from a Platformer, or some of the humorous growth if from a RPG. Some Characters start off way better than others in order to capture the essence of the games they came from.

Heretic Heroes: Brutal Version
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