Fixed known errors. ->Created & developed by Lord Kondemor along many years of lazy work. Thought at first for my own delight, why not to share it? It's meant to be fun, so feel free to do any modification you wish. Or whatever. -Final Completion Date: 25-06-13 -Set On Public Release: 25-12-16 Basically you can start all over again choosing one of the brand new races and/or classes, or go on with you old character. I don't really mind. Anyway, in Seyda Neen you might be told about a new fella called The Madman who came town claiming he sees demons. Meeting him will be the first step into a weird journey to Hell's Heart. Through this journey you may find a humble amount of Npcs, lots of weapons and armors (sets along legendary unique ones) and some new/modified Dungeons. There are also a couple of little side quests and hidden things. * Includes a little walkthrough guide with screenshots. Have fun!

Hellgate Morrowind v1 11 (fixed)

I must say, I'm intrigued by this, I've downloaded it and will tell you what I think once I've gotten a fair percentage of it done.

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