This archive will insert the Half-Life: Uplink demo levels seemlessly into the full game using Lambda Reactor Core port 07 and its return.

Half-Life: Uplink Addon 1.3
fukinknobhead - - 2 comments

I don't know if I screwed up or something, but at the Gargantua encounter, when I try to go through the portal, the game freezes with the 'LOADING' text, and I can't go through. Help?

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XxLightXx - - 16 comments

What Portal?

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CzechDeath - - 1,527 comments

That'd be the portal that takes you back to "original game" =D

I haven't try this yet, BUT I have seen Freeman's mind, where Ross implemented the uplink in to hl storyline in pretty much the same way. Only, thru power of video editing and not this mod! =D

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🦇Pachira🦇 - - 480 comments

Could you remove the stealth bombers from c0a0? They look out of place.

The barney change is pretty cool though.

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