EDIT: OBSERVE! This version is not condoned by the author any longer due to it containing words that could be interpreted as bigoted speech. Criticism about this version of the mod will not be considered valid by the author. An updated version is being issued in its place. See my blog Update History blog post for more details. Here is a summary: Despite me only having used these kinds of words as an ironic insult to myself when I make f*ckups or for giving haphazard filenames a few years back, I realize that it is unacceptable to include such words in a publically available modification. The new me knows better than that.

(Unsupported) GoeMonsoon - CUSTOM LEVELS ONLY Preview Version
SaladReactor Author

Hello, everyone!
I'm newly registered here at ModDB but have been downloading mods and lurking about for a whole bunch of years. Pleased to meet you!

If you have any questions about modding the game I will do my best to answer but since I'm not a super-experienced modder there may be topics even I don't know the answer to. That said, I hope I didn't offend you with my mod(s) too much.

Stay safe and healthy!

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I would like to officially commend the author without reservation for creating the sexiest preamble to the hottest mod in Moddb and in the history of mankind altogether.

May the spirit of Ebisu always watch over us.

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SaladReactor Author

Aw you're too darn nice to me

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