Here it is then, glad to finally have it up. There's a bug though - one that made a delay, as i'd wanted to release it yesterday. Characters that have already visited modded areas might encounter problems such as doors behind them dissapearing and other annoyances that can actually prove quite problematic - but I'm sure I'll have that fixed shortly :P

Full Release

Oo.. A new Morrowind mod. Imma try it out.

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u need to tell us where and how to install it
cause i extracted the .esp into my morrowind folder i started up morrowind, and looked in the data files. and found nothing, so thats something u need to fix, cause i would really like to play thins mod.

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Razide Author

That sounds odd - thanks for the heads up.
So far, i've attempted on my girlfriends computer and my own - even went to my moms place and checked - all of these detect the data file alright. If anyone else sees this, and have tried to install the mod, let me know how it went please!
I'll attempt to look into it though.

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what does the mod do?

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