Unofficial patch for FUEL that includes various core game fixes and improvements from the mod FUEL: REFUELED. No game-play is altered, it is compatible with all languages and is fully compatible with all users online (even those not using this patch). This patch is also fully compatible with the FUEL Demo.

FUEL - Patch #5 (Unofficial)
Vetron Author

I've updated the package; now included in the .zip is a step-by-step installation guide with screenshots, a copy of the change-log and a preview of some of the optional UI mods contained within the package. The instructions on the "read more +" section has also been reworked to make things clearer too.

Also a few more lingering bugs have been fixed and this package has been brought up-to-date with the latest REFUELED mod version.

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It is a translation by Google:
Hello and good day, a question: Do I have to remove the patches 1, 2, 3 and 4, if I install the patch 5?
Thank you for your reply :)

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Vetron Author

Yes. When you install this Patch #5 you must ensure all previous patches are removed as it is stand-alone. All previous accompanying optional mods should also be removed as they will have been updated within this new Patch (nothing is removed).

Apologies for the delay in reply, I am not notified of comments on downloads and media (and I have more than a few to keep track of :P). If you or anyone has any questions and I don't reply quickly then by all means PM me and get my attention :)

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I have Fuel installed through Steam and I simply can't figure out where to put the patch. The instructions say to put it where JSGME.exe is, but that file doesn't exist. I searched the entire HD but apparently the files for the game have been renamed. Any assistance is this matter would be hugely appreciated.

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