After the French Meat episode for BLOOD, the second with 8 new maps including new tiles and soundtracks for an adventure with a unique atmosphere immersed in the heart of paradise island colonized by the pirates of Cabal! kill them all, make a maximum of death, blow them up, slaughter them wherever they are.

French Meat 2.3
retrogamer97 - - 10 comments

I played the whole episode, it was great and the environments are really detailed. Very unique too, I almost forgot I was playing blood. The map caballic park is my favorite by far. It is nice to see a fair number of plasma pac enemies. However, I barely saw any acolytes. Still, this is a great mod, every bloodite should play it.

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Guest - - 699,558 comments


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NightFright2k15 - - 19 comments

Great release!
Two things I have found playing the first episode so far: In E1M5, when entering the Manager's Office (where you get the Skeleton key), there is a HOM on the wall to the right after you enter the room. Also, E1M6 title won't display correctly ingame since you are using a special character (probably better to use a name like "Cabalcaida"). This happened when using BloodGDX v1.04, Polymost renderer.

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Guest - - 699,558 comments

Liked this a lot. The amount of ammo seems fairer than fm1. Couldn't work out how to progress in Caballic Park after I got the dagger key. NBlood slightly buggy in the section with a floor that hurts you.

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Jono735 - - 20 comments

I have a Mac Mini 64 bit computer. Using DOSbox 074, I can get to the menu by entering "blood -ini FRENCHM2.ini" but can't play the games because they won't initiate. The FRENCHM2.bat file doesn't work. I'm using DOSbox 074 with Blood: Whole Unit Of Blood version 1.21. Macs can't seem to use the PC gaming software like BloodGDX or NBlood, etc.

I could play the original French Meat game from 2012 without any problems.

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Muleke_Trairao - - 258 comments

Amazing episode!

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