This is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Unreal, and especially UDC (Unreal Design Contest), which was the first serious Unreal level design contest. Back in 1998, some special editions of Unreal had an additional CD in France, that had an exclusive map called "votlan" which was itself based off a pre-release Vortex2 but played backwards. After finishing the map, you were directed to a website where you could download more content, mostly made of entries for the UDC. The website was in French, the votlan map was originally in French too, all approved by the French GTI -- hence the name. All maps are remastered and there's also new weapons and stuff from the alpha Botpack. We intended to test this more, but we wanted to release it in August, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the contest. There are some small differences/extra features on 227.

French Level Pack
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