The seventh and largest release of foxMod drops dozens of AI improvements, improved widescreen support and further enhanced 4-player splitscreen and gamepad support.

foxMod v0.7 - Installer

Got a few questions:

- is this version compatible with map mixer? I've been sticking with ~v0.4 for a long time since I get crashes using newer versions with map mixer.

- did the dodge key for keyboards indeed make it in this release?

Thanks again for all your awesome work on this!

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Regarding MapMixer, I'm actually unsure. I keep forgetting to put this back on my todo list (I'll put it on the todo list of things to add to the todo list... wait). I stopped using MapMixer a while ago as the new UI elements didn't support controllers, but it's still pretty ace stuff so I'll make sure the upcoming v0.8 works with it (if v0.7 doesn't already).

Regarding the dodge key, I did look into this and it turns out that the current dodging functionality is working purely by dumb luck - I haven't taken the time to rewrite it yet (there are actually other issues around this) but it might make it into next release. :)

Edit: D'oh, I forgot to log in!

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I'm very happy to see mods like this for PC games that are sorely needed. Just needs a few customization options like character creation and such and it'd be perfect. Is it possible to add in vertical splitscreen two player as well? The mod seems to be very friendly for multi-monitor displays too which is quite impressive.

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foxBoxInc Author

Glad you like it! Vertical splitscreen is actually semi-supported currently - try "setsplit #" in the console for various configurations. 1 or 2 will set a 2p vertical layout (one player on each screen) and 3 or higher will set a 3p vertical layout (1st player on left, 2nd and 3rd horizontally split on right).

However, there are currently issues with HUD scaling that I have yet to address, so the HUD might look too big; once these are worked out, vertical split will be a simple menu option.

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