Same as 1.0, just fixes an issue with the min/max damage you are able to sustain while jumping being calculated oddly. Also a slight tweak with fire-damage; it now does slightly more damage to the player (you'd hardly notice it unless there is a lot of fire and you are under fire from enemies) - Also you do not need Fortunes DLC for the mod to work properly; I have tested it with a fresh install of FC2 updated to 1.03 without any issues!

Far Cry 2 Rewards Mod 1.01 RETAIL ONLY

Thanks! :D

There's no way to force toggle crouch and toggle aim with a mod instead of holding the relative button?
I know there's a key script but it requires an external program to work.

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im_a_lazy_sod Author

Nothing I can mod at the moment

I've had a look through some of the control scripts and not had much luck - might look a bit deeper and see if I can do a mini-patch that puts toggle aim/toggle crouch in-game, as it can be annoying sometimes.

I personally don't mind it, but I'd like to have the option to change it

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Take your time and thanks ;)

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I can't get this to work. I have v1.03 installed. It's a digital download version of the game that I bought at

I used to play this game about a year ago and re-downloaded it and re-installed it just the other day. I searched for mods for it and found this one. I backed up my patch.dat & patch.fat files and then replaced them with the files from the non-steam version of the FC2_Rewards_Mod_v1.01_HOTFIX.rar and when I launch my game it gets to the screen that says "Press any key" to continue and when I hit a key the game just crashes instantly. Please help. I've already finished the entire campaign in the past, but I wanted to complete it again using this mod. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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Good work, i wait for this mod more than 3 years! I play on infamous - recoil and count of ammo is better in vanilla, in your mod is it like a BB gun.
1. Can you increase dmg for weapons to +100% in infamous?
2. Can you edit spawn rate of enemy, animals?
3. Can you increase splash area of explosives weapons?

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