ChangeLog: [Fixed] Bots never receive items from target_give [Fixed] Bots without weapon that try to attack the player cause "weapon index out of range" error in console. [Added] health key to func_train. [Added] TOGGLEABLE spawnflag to func_rotating [Added] Gore setting [Changed] Powerups now spawn immediately into the map [Changed] info_waypoint entities are colored a darker shade of teal in GtkRadiant to better distinguish them from info_player_start entities.

EntityPlus 1.1.7
Massao_Quaker Author

Go here to download the map in screenshot

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When I first got Q3, I was underwhelmed.
It looks awesome. And then you're playing deathmatch against bots.
Or online vs. live players.
There is literally nothing new, besides the pretty graphics.
And from a map makers standpoint a whole slew of features that have been mostly standard since Scourge of Armagon are missing.

Nice to see someone finally put some features in there.

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Massao_Quaker Author

I see many not liked quake 3 because it had no single player mission, i hope this will bring more player to q3!

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