NOTE: This is an archived version of Empires Mod. Download the latest version of Empires Mod on Steam! This patch is only for those who don't have CPUs that support SSE2. To install, unpack contents to your \Steamapps\SourceMods\Empires\bin folder.

ARCHIVED: Empires v2.25a SSE Client Patch
olvimasta - - 323 comments

whats SSE2? enlighted a hardware noob :o

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Splinesplitter - - 301 comments

And before you ask anything - JFGI.

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ThE_MarD - - 1 comments


Yeah, essentially SSE2 is optimized scripting for CPU's, so you get a small performance boost. Pretty much any CPU since like... 2003 should easily have SSE2.

I also totally agree with MisterCG.. there's so much stuff computing-wise you can solve via google. I'm a full time Comp Tech, and especially with BSOD error codes Google is a great way to find the problem.

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Zieluhinho - - 7 comments

Damn, somethings wrong. Client.dll error. AAAAARGH I cant play

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