My favorite mod for Diablo 2 is for sure Path of Diablo. Unfortunately creator of that mod will not make it for Single Player. There is another very similar mod called Project Diablo 2 that supports Single Player. But that mod is imo much harder than original LoD or Path of Diablo. I want to experience LoD/PoD type of balance in single player while playing content of PD2. So i waited for someone to create a mod for Project Diablo 2 that will lower the difficulty for people like me. I'm done waiting. I will do it myself. With no experience with modding i quickly learned how to do basic text edits and made what is possible to bring that LoD/PoD balance (or at least as close as you can get with just text editing) into single player Project Diablo 2. This very simple text file mod is for Project Diablo 2 mod - please support the creators of Project Diablo 2 requirements: Diablo 2 LoD 1.13c + Project Diablo 2 mod + PlugY (for shared stash and Uber Tristram)

Easy as LoD mod by MAOMAC v.5.8.5 for Project Diablo 2 mod
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