The other version of Dustwars I've found. I'm pretty sure there should be more, but can't find it so far. HOW-TO-RUN after the jump.

Dustwars Minimod
Kushanii - - 6 comments

What is the difference between the minimod and the alpha release?

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Jaen-ni-rin Author
Jaen-ni-rin - - 75 comments

Well, the alpha has an complete Hiigaran fleet and about 2/3 of Veygr fleet.
On the other hand the minimod was a later release that has just a few of the Hiigaran ships which were a work in progress and followed different design and balancing rules than the alpha.
There was also an another version of the minimod that had more of the Hiigaran fleet complete, but I can't find it.

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BigFoot1 - - 587 comments

The mini mod is definately the best one!

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