The game is about a dragon, who just woke up from his 100 years of sleep and found his valley infested by humans. They got to go. Dragon Documentary is a TPP action game, in which you can be a dragon, flying, burning human towns and castles, defeating whole armies and dogfighting other flying foes, like witches on broomsticks or da Vinci’s flying machines. Or, actually, it was supposed to be, because I lost interest in it about two years ago. I didn’t want to release it for free as a demo, because I thought (and still think) it has earning potential. Lately, I realised that this game just lies there on my harddrive and I may never finish it. So, I changed my mind. Here you go, if you like it, play it :)

Dragon Documentary
Webling - - 1 comments

I understand losing interest but this game is amazing even in its current state. I would definitely buy it should it become a game. Thanks for letting us see it!

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shankris - - 1 comments

This is the best Game where you solely play as a dragon that I have found. There are other games that have awful content with awkward animation and expect you to pay for it?!?! Like those stupid dragon simulator on the apple store. This game truly deserves to be finished. The controls are very easy to learn and are precise and fun. The ability to steal wizard powers its awesome. getting treasure even though you have no hoard or cave to store it in is really neat. Being able to destroy villages all of it is so cool. The only thing that I have found awkward is how much the dragon slides on mountains, and the walking animation. Other then a few other bugs i think its fantastic and is worth finishing!!!

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