Here it is, the 3.0 Official Release! This release is far superior to 2.0 and everyone should download it! If you have any troubles visit our 3.0 Feedback Forums for FAQ and Bug Reporting. If you are not familiar with our mod check out our gameplay summary! Extract this Zip in your Doom 3 Folder (not in the base folder!) We have spent a lot of extra time making sure this release was as solid and bug free as possible. Here are some of the main features included: * Integration of the Classic Doom Mod using the Cdoom Coop Gametype * A help tab has been added in the main menu * Stamina re-implemented in SP COOP and ROE COOP gametypes. * All of the ROE maps are now tweaked for Coop * The Plasmathrower stream has been updated * Two new difficulty levels have been added, si_skill 4 and si_skill 5 * New maps kf_arena and prog_sewer * New boat model * Persistent data is fixed so now players retain their weapons when they change levels. * Map skips are fixed. * Monsters now also drop items when...

Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing Coop 3.0 Official Multiplatform Featuring Clas

wooot wooot first coment im downloading it now hope it works

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